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Meeting Aliens on LSD

July 15th 2018, (3:11 PM)

I will start by saying that I struggled with verbalizing this experience, as, in the absence of psychedelics, everything I am about to tell you seems quite implausible and quite dry, like a photo devoid of all color and only seen through the blurry plastic sheet of a photo album. The words conjure up memories, but these memories are not ones I share with you, and they are also nowhere near as vivid as the experience itself, which saddens me quite a bit. But, I suppose this magical experience is impossible to encapsulate within the thin and frail sheet of plosives and fricatives I’m sending out into the ether with my tongue and lungs, but it’s better to have some connection than none at all. But I hope, nonetheless, that you will enjoy my story, and perhaps be inspired to share yours as a result. So… here it is.

Stages of trip:


I placed a 100 microgram tab of 1P-LSD under my tongue at around 2:15 PM, an hour after eating a lunch of vegetables and fresh caught salmon. I made the mistake of taking it in a rather dismissive manner. What I mean by this is that I expected very little of the drug, and therefore did not fully take into consideration the effects it might have on me. As a result, the comeup took me by surprise, as it was faster and more intense than I’d expected. The “electric” energy of LSD was present, and pooled up in my jaw muscles, and fists, which caused teeth grinding and sweaty palms. Despite these uncomfortable side effects, I found the “buzz” very pleasant, as my thinking was unimpeded and the body high was quite enjoyable and mildly erotic. This high became stronger over the next 15 minutes, until the paper under my tongue had nearly completely dissolved, at which point I swallowed it and settled in to my bed. Around me, I had many items (sticks of deodorant, water bottles, headphones, etc.) that made it hard to move around, as, if I rolled over, they’d poke into my back or head. This lack of movement made me very uncomfortable, as I couldn’t easily squirm around to dissipate the uneasiness into my surrounding environment. As a result, I soon found myself in an anxious state, even going so far as to question whether I’d accidentally taken two tabs instead of one, so I put on some soothing classical music and closed my eyes. After perhaps 10 minutes in a catatonic state, I decided it would be useful to have an audio recording running for the duration of my trip, to record any profound thoughts or important observations that may strike me. A few moments after I began the audio recording, Grieg’s “Hall of the Mountain King” began to play through my speakers, which served to ease me into the beginning of the trip, at around 50 minutes after consumption of the substance.

Beginning visuals

At this point, perhaps an hour in, visual distortions became present, beginning with a barely discernible rainbow haze that glowed around the wind-blown leaves fluttering outside my window. The visuals gradually became more and more intense, turning from a haze to an all encompassing field of energy, outlined by a fuzzy aura of static-laden stripes of rainbow colors. This aura almost seemed to conform to the magnetic field of the earth, as if I were suddenly able to view the stripes of polarity running vertically across the space outside my window. At a certain point, the outside became unbearably bright and sunny, so I focused my attention upwards, to the wooden ceiling of my attic, tiled with long slats of knotty wood running parallel to the direction in which I was lying down. As the visual distortions deepened, my vision became more laden with psychedelic static, which filled the slots in between the slats of wood, almost like mortar in between tiles of cement, and the room began to “breathe” slightly; as if I was inside the lung of some gigantic creature which was at peaceful rest, taking the smallest of breaths necessary to stay alive, and the walls would expand and contract ever so slightly to accommodate the volume of air entering and exiting the aforementioned lungs. Simultaneously, the ceiling slats (which spread from the ceiling down to the floor of my attic via angled walls) began to wave back and forth, like very thin and tall 2 dimensional dancers twisting around in slow motion,

Intense visuals

As I acclimated to the high, I became aware of another visual distortion - the knots of wood on the wood slats seemed to be smoothly “flowing” along, until they met with the 90 degree angle connecting the ceiling to the wall behind my head. At this point, they seemed to flow through the small crack in the slats of wood and disappeared from my sight. This was, however, a very strange visual, as it placed itself in the grey area between my current field of focus and my peripheral vision, like a ring around my area of focus. If I looked around, the movement of my eyes momentarily would momentarily stop the knots of wood from “flowing” down the slats, until they picked up speed and resumed their infinite flowing, much like European bullet trains slowly speed up as they pull out of the train station until they hit their maximum speed. Though this flowing began in the area of vision encircling my ring of focus, all the knots in my room slowly “sped up” and began to flow at the same speed as the ones I had originally observed. This induced some vertigo, so I closed my eyes for a bit. However, I found this quite boring, as I saw no closed eye visuals, and I found it hard to imagine things. so I opened my eyes only a few minutes after closing them. Upon opening my eyes, the psychedelic static I previously described had spread from the slots between the planks of wood, and, as if it had overflown, now covered most of my ceiling. Attempts to refocus only temporarily ameliorated the distortions and vertigo, turning the TV-like static into a more “fluid” - that is, less static laden - swirl of vivid rainbow haze, much like what you see when you spray mist into the air on a sunny summer day. Fortunately, this did not bother me too much , as my focus was captured by something else, which is where it gets a little more “Woo Woo”.

Alien file CD flipping and engine revving/hardware test

The “Woo Woo” part is that I found aliens living in knots of my ceiling wood. Or maybe it’s better said that they found me, as I didn’t have any expectations of seeing aliens, and I certainly wouldn’t expect them to manifest themselves in the knots of my ceiling wood. But they did. Unfortunately, I’m unable to recall when I first became aware of these entities, but it was most likely a few minutes before the knots of wood began flowing. However, though I don’t know when I saw them, I do know how they drew my attention. In the ceiling directly above me, there was one set of knots which drew my attention most. Within these knots lived their “leader”, and around these knots there was a disruption in the psychedelic static that took the shape of magnetic polarity. Much like the earth’s magnetic field deflecting cosmic rays, this disruption allowed me to see an oval of bare wood surrounding the knots with perfect clarity, as if the static was being magnetically deflected, but at the upper and lower points of the set of knots, intensely concentrated static was present. I could also slightly see this deflection in 3 dimensions, like it had formed a 3 dimensional, magnetically created oval that bowed out from the flat wood above. The “leader” looked to be facing sideways, like an Egyptian hieroglyph painted in profile, with one extremely dark and round knot of wood serving as his eye, and a collection of squished together knots to the lower right serving as “lips”. Because the knots appeared to be so alive, and were surrounded by a disruption in the static blanket covering my ceiling, it was nearly impossible to look away from that area for more than a few seconds. When my I first became aware of this alien, I am surprised that I first recognized that I had discovered intelligent life living in my ceiling If I looked at the leader for an extended period of time, his wisdom seemed to grow ever greater, and a swirling red ring formed around his eye,

Being a reporter to the non-psychedelic world

Fall out of bed and watching watch

Distorted perspective

Watching clouds eye of horus and pyramid as well as witches

Viscocity of air

Concern about jumping out of window

Looking at self

Thought loops

So really the beauty of the psychedelic experience is that it is, by nature, impossible to demystify.

Looking out window

Going downstairs

Oma and Daniel characters in European folklore

Everything looking vivid and bright/mushroomy

Beer drinking and comedown

After trip residual riding and teeth grinding

Atmosphere of hospital