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L'Appel Du Vide

I shall jump out the window 
Triumphant and bold, my final task 
To why¬†I¬†do, I’ll tell you¬†-¬†I’m sick
But more, I beg you, do not ask

This life was long and death will give rest
When I lie in¬†the¬†earth,¬†at last I’ll belong¬†
I’ll rot to the¬†bone in¬†the womb¬†of all life
And hum to the tune of her motherly song

I’ll be in the air, all around, everywhere¬†
I’ll come back as¬†the soil, compressed into¬†oil
I’ll be the rain¬†and the floods,¬†I’ll be deep in the mud
And¬†I’ll¬†grow in the trees and add flair to¬†their leaves

So¬†don’t worry my dear,¬†stay¬†quiet, stay hush
It’s dazzling up here,¬†it’s a maddening rush¬†
The water below awash with ripples and flow 
The¬†horizon’s bedecked¬†with a¬†wonderful glow

So let me relish this delightful despair
It’s great to know I’ll conclude this affair
And when I choose to finally jump 
I’m¬†sure I’ll land¬†with a¬†decorative¬†thump